Covid Response Scorecard


In May and June 2020, the Committee for Better Banks Accountability Project reviewed publicly available information related to corporate responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in three constituent groups: small businesses, workers, and consumers. We reviewed bank websites, media reports, corporate financial disclosures, and internet based sources to evaluate how each bank performed during the first three months of the novel coronavirus pandemic (March – May). Banks received a letter grade based on a percentage score of a total of 115 points. A bank would not be graded for performance under any metric if it did not have a related business line.

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Wells Fargo is drafting plans that could cut tens of thousands of jobs starting this year, people familiar with confidential talks told Bloomberg.
The OCC today cautioned banks to be vigilant about compliance risks that could arise as a result of their response to the coronavirus pandemic.
The Federal Reserve on Thursday temporarily restricted shareholder payouts by the nation’s biggest banks, barring them from buying back their own stocks or increasing dividend payments in the third quarter as regulators try to ensure banks remain strong enough to keep lending through the pandemic-induced downturn.
When it comes to actually delivering COVID-19 relief, Citibank was comparatively worse than other credit card issuers
Aggressive debt collection is key to Capital One’s profitability.