Wells Fargo

Ended Participation In Payroll Protection Program On April 5, 2020. [CBS News, 4/6/20]  

Wells Fargo Disclosed State And Federal Inquires, Class Action Lawsuits Related To Its PPP Administration. [San Francisco Business Journal, 5/5/20

Wells Fargo Warns of Substantial Layoffs In Coming Months After Pledging No Layoffs During Coronavirus Pandemic. [Des Moines Register, 6/10/20; CityWire, 3/30/20]

Wells Fargo Requires Branch Employees, Call Center, And Operations Center Employees To Continue Reporting To Office After Deeming Them Essential. [Reuters, 3/17/20

Wells Fargo Announced It Would Not Make Profit-Sharing Contribution To Company’s 401(k) Plan. [Charlotte Observer, 3/24/20]

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